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RC & me  

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RC & me

coffee table book  about life and love and the unexpected...           

"A whimsical story about love and life told through the eyes of a woman and a roasted chicken.  Thought provoking and poignant!" 

A beautiful hardcover hand-stitched book containing 40 pages of imagery and verse on that which we call, "Life". 

 ​Okay...  So I wrote an off beat, whimsical story about a woman and a roasted chicken.  Why?  Because I can.  That's why.  Because life never ceases to amaze me.  We are all involved in a silly, gorgeous, entertaining, bitterly sweet surprise.  A magical thing called "Life".  It's a mystery really, filled with loads and loads of twists and turns around every corner.  We meet and thrive on an energetic planet with other energetic beings and we usually don't know what is ahead of us.  We haven't the faintest idea who we are going to meet... All those that filter in and out of our lives... But there are no accidents... I'm certain of this. 

Our persistence and ability to adapt is what makes us so genuinely human.  RC & me is a universal story really.  What matters in your life?  What do you take for granted?  What is really important when we sift through it all?  Metaphorically speaking, the components are all there to experience the richness we all desire... if we take a moment to just sit back and trust.  Life is an amazing gift and the subtext of it all is where the real magic happens.

Some might ask, "Why a chicken?" ... My response... "Why Not?"