RC & me

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RC & me  

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 The beauty of life, is there are many chapters to the book.  The book of "life".  We learn, we grow and we morph.  The backbone of our true personality always remains embedded.  Anna Marie has spent the last 29 years in Los Angeles as an nurturer, actor, writer, massage therapist, and damn good cook.

Anna Marie is the owner, operator and creator of TEMPLEWORK LA.  The mission of TEMPLEWORK LA is to provide the magnificent and resilient human spirit with compassionate, skilled, and diverse bodywork and energy work, reintegrating the connection between "body and mind". 

The book "RC & me" wasn't born out of the love for poultry, but more for the love of life and those who are put in life's path.  A tale that had to be told.  Anna Marie is and always will be a fitness enthusiast.  She is an avid believer in keeping the mind, body and spirit in a delicate balance.  It is then and only then that the richness of life can be revealed.  Anna Marie currently resides in Los Angeles with her little dog Stella.  Stellaaaaaa!